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Interesting Facts About Colombia

Colombia is a country located in South America. It is located south of the Caribbean Sea and Panama and west of Venezuela. The Equator runs through the south of the country. The area has a rich and interesting history from colonization through to today. The following are some facts about Colombia.

Interesting facts about Colombia

  • After discovering the area the Spanish founded Santa Marta in 1525 and this was the first permanent settlement in the area. The name of Colombia comes from the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.
  • Colombia is the 4th largest country in South America. It declared independence from Spain in 1811, but this wasn’t officially recognized until 1819. In doing so it became the first country with a constitutional government in South America.
  • The flag of Colombia was adopted in 1861 and the colors represent certain historical events. Yellow (federation of Greater Colombia), blue (independence from Spain) and red (courage).
  • Colombia is broken up into 33 departments represented by a local government and a governor. The capital city is Bogota and it has a population of about 7 million. The whole country contains about 46 million people. This makes it the 29th most populous country on Earth.
  • The official language of the country is Spanish, but English is also used in some parts.
  • The currency used in Colombia is the Peso (although this is different from other countries that also use the Peso, such as Mexico).
  • Due to the fact that the country is close to the Equator, the country does not experience traditional seasons. Most parts of the country are humid and warm, but on some of the highest mountains snowfall is common.
  • Colombia is situated along the infamous “ring of fire” and has been subject to many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
  • Unfortunately, much has been made of the crime problems in Colombia. The area is well known for the production of narcotics (cocaine in particular) and guerrilla fighting. Fortunately, the homicide rate, which was once the highest in the world, has been reduced in recent years.
  • Colombia’s main exports are oil, coal, coffee, gold and other food products. Interestingly 12% of the world’s coffee comes from Colombia.
  • The highest mountain in the country is Pico Cristóbal Colón, which is about 19,020 feet high.

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