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Interesting Facts about Denmark

Denmark is a large peninsula country in Northern Europe. It is boarded to the south by Germany and has borders on both the Baltic and North Sea. Denmark also consists of a collection of islands which lie off the peninsula of Jutland. It is a constitutional monarchy and has a parliamentary system of Government. The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen and the main language spoken in Denmark is Danish. It is a relatively small country and occupies an area of 43,094 square kilometers.

Facts about Denmark

  • The Capital Copenhagen is not located on the Peninsula of Jutland, but on the largest of the Danish Islands Zealand.
  • There are 443 named Islands in the Danish archipelago and over 1,000 that are unnamed.
  • Many of the main islands are connected via bridges, but some can only be accessed via small aircraft and ferries.
  • The Country of Greenland and the Faroe Islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark
  • Denmark controls the approach to the Baltic Sea
  • Denmark is a founding member of NATO and the OECD
  • Denmark is a very flat country with their highest point being Møllehøj, at 170.86 metres (560.56 ft)
  • In winter Denmark has very short days with the sun rising at 9:00am and setting again at 4:30pm
  • In summer Denmark has long days with the sun rising at 4:00am and setting at 10:00pm
  • In Denmark the longest and shortest days of the year are celebrated. The shortest day is celebrated on Christmas Eve and the longest day is celebrated on Midsummer Day.
  • Denmark is very environment conscious and Copenhagen has been recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly cities on Earth.
  • In 2010 Denmark was voted the happiest country on earth for the second time
  • The currency of Demark is the Danish Kroner.
  • The name of the Danish flag, the Dannebrog, means ‘the flag of the Danes’ or ‘the red flag’
  • Denmark has the following natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand
  • The population of Denmark is 5,529,888
  • Princess Mary of Denmark is originally from Tasmania, Australia

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