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Interesting Facts About Japan

Japan is an island nation with a population of just over 127 million. Here are some interesting facts about Japan.

Interesting facts about Japan

  • Japan is sometimes called ‘the land of the rising sun’.
  • Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world!
  • Over 99% of the population speak Japanese as their first language.
  • Sumo is often considered to be Japan’s national sport. However, baseball is the most popular spectator sport in Japan.
  • Japan has a very successful football (soccer) team. They have won the Asian Cup three times.
  • Karaoke is extremely popular in Japan. It is now the most widely practiced cultural activity!
  • The top two universities in Japan are the University of Tokyo and Keio University.
  • Tokyo is both the capital city, and the largest city, in Japan. More than 30 million people live in the Tokyo metropolitan area, making it the largest metropolitan area in the world.
  • The official currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen.
  • The Mongol invasions of Japan (in 1274 and 1281) were successfully repelled by the Japanese.
  • Japan was granted membership to the United Nations in 1956.
  • The major imports to Japan are fossil fuels, food (mainly beef), chemicals, textiles, machinery and equipment.
  • About a quarter of the electricity needs of Japan are supplied by nuclear power.
  • The Japanese drive on the left-hand side of the road.

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