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Interesting Facts About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country located in Western Europe and is officially known as The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is boarded by Germany, France and Belgium. The population of Luxembourg is approximately 511,840 and its capital city and largest city, also called Luxembourg, is home to approximately 100,000 people. It is the world most economically developed country and has the world’s highest GDP. The officially languages of Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, French and German.

Interesting facts about Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy left in the world. This means that it is a representative monarchy with a Grand Duke as head of country.
  • It has two regions the Oesling in the North and the Gutland in the south.
  • All business transactions and official proceedings take place in French
  • Luxembourg is home to Europe’s largest TV, radio and production company, the RTL Group of Luxembourg. The RTL Group of Luxembourg runs 34 television and 33 radio stations in 12 countries. This includes Channel five in The United Kingdom and M6 in France.
  • Due to its important history in both the Roman and Spanish empires the whole of the city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • There are over 155 banks in the country of Luxembourg and it is well known as a tax haven.
  • Luxembourg is a founding member of many international and European organizations including the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, Benelux and the Western European Union.
  • Luxembourg is considered a secular state but the majority of people identify as Roman Catholic.
  • The motto of Luxembourg is “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn” which translated means “We want to remain what we are”
  • The total area of the country of Luxembourg is 998.6 sq mi (2,586.4 km2) and 0% of this area is water. It is one of the smallest countries in the world!
  • The highest point in Luxembourg is the Kneiff near Wilwerdange at 1,837 ft (560m).
  • The North region of Luxembourg is not very populous. There is only one town in the region with more than 4000 people (Wiltz).
  • The city of Luxembourg is located in the center of the Lower half of Luxembourg known as the Gutland.
  • In WW1 Luxembourg was invaded and occupied by Germany but maintain it independence and conducted its own government. It was again invaded by Germany in WW2 and was governed by the Nazi army. It was designated as Germanic territory.
  • Luxembourg is divided into three districts Diekirch, Grevenmacher, and Luxembourg.
  • To graduate from the Luxembourg education system a student must be proficient in all three of the countries official languages.
  • Luxembourg has mild winters and cool summers.

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