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Interesting Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country that is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Here are some interesting and funny facts about New Zealand.

Interesting Facts About New Zealand

  • The indigenous Maori people make up about 15% of the population.
  • One in five deaths in New Zealand is caused by smoking.
  • There are about 4 million people living in New Zealand, and about 40 million sheep! That’s 10 sheep per person!
  • The indigenous Maori people migrated to New Zealand sometime in the last 700 to 2,000 years.
  • The first European to reach New Zealand was Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1642. The Maori killed many of the ship’s crew and no European returned to New Zealand until Captain James Cook in 1769.
  • The highest court is the Supreme Court of New Zealand.
  • Agriculture is the main export industry in New Zealand. Dairy products account for about 20% of all of New Zealand’s exports.
  • New Zealand has the highest number of bookshops per person of any country in the world. There is one bookshop per 7,500 people.
  • 2.5 million people in New Zealand own a car.
  • Rugby union is the most popular sport in New Zealand. Other popular sports are netball, cricket, bowls, soccer (football), golf, swimming, tennis and rugby league.
  • English is spoken by 98% of the population.

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