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Interesting Facts about Romania

Romania is a country located in Eastern Europe that shares a border with 5 other countries (Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria). It In 2004 Romania joined NATO and in 2007 joined the European Union (EU). Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Romania.

Interesting facts about Romania

  • Romania is the ninth largest country in the European Union (EU) by area and has the seventh largest population with about 21.9 million people. The capital city of Romania is Bucharest, which is also the largest city in the country with almost 2 million people. This makes Bucharest the 6th largest city in the EU.
  • The official language of Romania is Romanian, but Hungarian is also spoken by a portion of the population. The main secondary languages taught at schools are French and English. It is estimated that 5 million Romanians speak some level of English.
  • Although the country has no official religion, the vast majority of people are Christian. About 87% of the population identify themselves as Orthodox Christian.
  • Bran Castle is one of the most popular tourist sites in Romania. It was built in the 14th century and is said to be the residence of the fictional character Dracula. This character was created by Irish author Bram Stoker and was based on a character from Romanian folklore.
  • Romania has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The only natural World Heritage site in Romania is the Danube Delta. This is the large area where the Danube river meets the ocean.
  • The most popular sport in Romania is football (soccer). The national team has made the World Cup Finals a total of 7 times and had their best finish in 1994 when they reached the quarter-finals of the tournament. The Romanian club Steaua Bucure?ti, was the first Eastern European club to win the UEFA Champions League tournament.
  • Romania also has a traditional sport called Oin?, which is unique to the country and has similarities to baseball.
    The cuisine of Romania has been influenced by the surrounding countries. A popular local dish is called sarmale, it is made from minced meat and other fillings and is then wrapped in cabbage leaves. Pork is the traditional choice for Christmas and lamb is eaten at Easter.
  • The colors of the Romanian flag are red, yellow and blue. They are said to represent the blood of the people that fought for the country(red), the grains that feed the people (yellow), and the sky (blue).
  • The currency of Romania is the Romanian Leu, which means lion. Since joining the EU, it is expected that Romania will eventually adopt the Euro as the official currency.
  • The economy of Romania is considered to be stable with potential for growth. The largest industry is agriculture, which employs about 29% of the population.

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