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Interesting Topics to Write About

Can’t think of anything to write about? This list of interesting topics to write about is designed for you!

Interesting Things to Write About

  • Movies! Everyone loves a good movie and there are heaps of things to write about on this topic. You can do box office reports, reviews or news.
  • Quotes and jokes. People enjoy a good laugh or something to think and ponder about.
  • The Creation/Evolution/Intelligent Design debate is fascinating and is great to write about if you are interested in the topic.
  • Watch too much TV- write about it! You can talk about television ratings, do news reports or do reviews of your favorite shows. Alternatively, you can just write about your favorite TV show (think of all the fan sites for Star Trek, Lost and other serialized shows).
  • People love reading about relationship tips and they can be really fun to write! Draw on your own experiences and you’ll have heaps of interesting topics to write about!
  • Like sport? Why not write about your favorite sport(s)? News, views and opinions. You can also took about fantasy sports.
  • Talk about how to use (or get the most out of) popular websites (like Facebook or Twitter) or software (like Microsoft Windows).
  • Love pets? Talk about how to raise them, what to feed them and how to teach them! Drawing on your own experiences is the best!
  • Going to school? Why not start writing about life at high school or college!
  • If you like discovering bargains why not write about where to find great deals.
  • If you are up for a challenge, search engine optimization (SEO) is a great topic to write about. Make sure you do some research and only share top quality tips and hints!
  • Write some interesting facts about any topic you like!
  • Why not talk about your favorite Bible verses or thoughts about some Biblical issues?
  • Like cooking? Write some of your favorite recipes or tips on making great meals.
  • Environmental issues are hot right now! You can talk about climate change, ozone depletion or acid rain!
  • If your love politics then why not write about it!

Know any other interesting topics to write about? Leave a comment and let the world know!

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  1. Thank You so much… I would have never thought of some of these topics… Environmental issues is a good topic to write about and what we can do to help our world.

    Thx a Bunch


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