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Kate Bosworth Movie List

Kate Bosworth is a celebrity actress who landed her first movie role in the movie “The Horse Whisperer.” The producers needed an experienced horse rider and she was an equestrian champion. Other roles in television and movies followed and only a few years later she landed a breakthrough role in the movie “Blue Crush.” Only 4 years later she was cast as Lois Lane in the movie “Superman Returns,” which brought her even more exposure. Her career hasn’t quite reached the heights that many of her fans have expected, but there is still plenty of time for her to become a genuine A-list star. The following is a list of movies that Kate Bosworth has acted in.

Movie Title/Year/Character

While We Were Here 2012 Jane
Black Rock 2012 Sarah
Straw Dogs 2011 Amy Sumner
L!fe Happens 2011 Deena
Another Happy Day 2011 Alice
Little Birds 2011 Bonnie Muller
The Warrior’s Way 2010 Lynne
21 2008 Jill
The Girl in the Park 2007 Louise
Superman Returns 2006 Lois Lane
Bee Season 2005 Chali
Beyond the Sea 2004 Sandra Dee
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! 2004 Rosalee Futch
Wonderland 2003 Dawn Schiller
The Rules of Attraction 2002 Kelly
Blue Crush 2002 Anne Marie Chadwick
Remember the Titans 2000 Emma Hoyt
The Newcomers 2000 Courtney Docherty
The Horse Whisperer 1998 Judith

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