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Kate Mara Movie List

Kate Mara is a celebrity actress who decided to pursue acting after seeing Les Misérables as a child. She began her career on stage before moving to on-screen acting roles in film and television. Since her first feature film role in 1999 she has worked on more than 20 movies. The majority of these roles have been smaller supporting roles. It is fair to say that her career hasn’t taken off like many expected, but there is still time to land that all important breakthrough role. Her younger sister, Rooney Mara, is also an actress and was nominated for an Oscar in 2012. The following is a list of movies that Kate Mara has acted in during her career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Deadfall 2012 Hanna
10 Years 2011 Elise
Ironclad 2011 Isabel
Peep World 2010 Meg
127 Hours 2010 Kristi
Iron Man 2 2010 U.S. Marshal
Happythankyoumoreplease 2010 Mississippi
The Open Road 2009 Lucy
Stone of Destiny 2008 Kay Matheson
Transsiberian 2008 Abby
Shooter 2007 Sarah Fenn
Full of It 2007 Annie Dray
We Are Marshall 2006 Annie Cantrell
Fireflies 2006 Taylor
Zoom 2006 Summer Jones / Wonder
The Californians 2005 Zoe Tripp
Brokeback Mountain 2005 Alma Jr. (Age 19)
Urban Legends: Bloody Mary 2005 Samantha Owens
Prodigy 2004
Tadpole 2000 Miranda Spear
Random Hearts 1999 Jessica Chandler
Joe the King 1999 Allyson

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