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Katherine Heigl Movie List

Katherine Heigl is a celebrity actress who took the first steps towards the entertainment industry as a child model. Her modelling career quickly flourished until her first film role in 1992, when she discovered that acting was her true passion. Her acting career turned its focus to television with roles in “Roswell” and, her breakthrough role, as Isobel ‘Izzie’ Stevens in the television series “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, a film career has still been a focus for Katherine and she has starred major movies during her time in television. The following is a list of movies that Katherine Heigl has acted in during her career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Big Wedding 2012 Lyla Griffin
One for the Money 2012 Stephanie Plum
New Year’s Eve 2011 Laura
Life as We Know It 2010 Holly Berenson
Killers 2010 Jen Kornfeldt
The Ugly Truth 2009 Abby Richter
27 Dresses 2008 Jane
Knocked Up 2007 Alison Scott
Caffeine 2006 Laura
Zyzzyx Rd 2006 Marissa
The Ringer 2005 Lynn Sheridan
Side Effects 2005 Karly Hert / Lips 2
Romy and Michele: In the Beginning 2005 Romy White
Love’s Enduring Promise 2004 Marty Claridge
Wuthering Heights 2003 Isabel Linton
Critical Assembly 2003 Aizy Hayward
Descendant 2003 Ann Hedgerow/Emily Hedgerow
Evil Never Dies 2003 Eve
Love Comes Softly 2003 Marty Claridge
Vegas Dick 2003 Madeline
Valentine 2001 Shelley Fisher
100 Girls 2000 Arlene
The Tempest 1998 Miranda Prosper
Bride of Chucky 1998 Jade
Bug Buster 1998 Shannon Griffin
Stand-ins 1997 Taffy-Rita Hayworth’s Stand-in
Prince Valiant 1997 Princess Ilene
Wish Upon a Star 1996 Alexia Wheaton
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 Sarah Ryback
My Father the Hero 1994 Nicole
King of the Hill 1993 Christina Sebastian
That Night 1992 Kathryn

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