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Who Founded Nintendo

Nintendo is a multinational company that is best known for its video gaming systems. The Nintendo DS is the highest selling handheld video console, and the Nintendo Wii has beaten rivals Sony (Playstation 3) and Microsoft (Xbox 360) to be the top selling console for 2007 and early 2008. But who founded Nintendo?

Who Invented the Pretzel

Pretzels are very popular baked goods that are very unique due to their knot-like shape. Pretzel dough is made out of only water, brown sugar, wheat flour and yeast. The dough is dipped in sodium bicarbonate solution and sprinkled with salt prior to baking to give the pretzel that lovely glazed look! But who invented the pretzel? This article will answer that burning question, and also look at seven interesting facts about pretzels

Where do Ostriches Live

Ostriches are large, flightless birds that have very distinctive long necks. Ostriches are the largest living species of bird in the world and they also lay the largest eggs of any bird. Ostriches mainly eat seeds and plants, but have also been known to eat the occasional insect! But where do ostriches live? This article will answer exactly that question and also look at seven interesting facts about ostriches

Where do Peanuts Grow

Peanuts are protein rich nuts that are consumed by millions of people worldwide everyday. Salted peanuts, peanut butter, peanut brittle and roasted peanuts are very common peanut products. But where do peanuts grow? This article will answer that very question, and also look at three interesting facts about peanuts.

When Did the Korean War Start and End

The Korean War is an often forgotten war of the 20th century. With two world wars and the very controversial Vietnam War in the 20th century, many forget the Korean War. This article will answer the question when did the Korean War start and end, and look at four facts about the Korean War.

Who Discovered Neon

Neon, a chemical element with the symbol Ne, is a very common element in the universe but rare on the earth. It exists as a colourless gas and is extracted for commercial use from air. But who discovered neon? This article will answer that very question, and also look at nine interesting facts about neon.

Where was the Microwave Oven Invented

Microwave ovens (often just called microwaves) are kitchen appliances that utilize microwave radiation to cook or heat food and drinks. The microwaves, always emitted from a magnetron, excites water, fats, oils and some other molecules to heat the food or drink. But where was the microwave oven invented? This article will answer just that question, and also list three interesting facts about microwave ovens.

Best Vacations with Children

When going on vacation with your family, it is hard to keep everybody happy! Often parents go on vacations they hate to keep the kids happy. Other people choose to go to quiet places with little for children to do and they become bored very easily. This article will tell you some of the best vacations to take with children, and also list some important things to remember when going on a family vacation

Where was Barack Obama Born

Barack Obama (full name Barack Hussein Obama, Jr) is a junior United States Senator and the leading Democratic candidate for the 2008 United States presidential election. He worked as a civil rights lawyer, university lecturer and community organizer until his election to the United States senate. But where was Barack Obama born? This article will answer that very question, and also look at six interesting facts about Barack Obama

Who Invented Basketball

Basketball is a very popular team sport, played in many nations in the world and at the Olympic Games. Basketball is loved for its exciting slam dunks and high scoring games. This article will discover who invented basketball, and tell you six interesting facts about basketball.