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How are Chains Made

A chain is usually made of metal (steel, such as stainless steel is most commonly used) and is a series of joined or connected links. Chain can be made in many different styles and these have a number of important and decorative applications. Metal chains have been used for many . . . Read more

Who Designed Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain is a famous landmark at the center of Grand Park in the city of Chicago. It is one of the biggest fountains in the world and tourists from all over the world visit the site each year. The fountain works from April to October and water shows occur . . . Read more

Who Invented Vegemite

Vegemite is an Australian savory spread made from yeast extract, spices and vegetable additives. It is a popular spread in Australia and is commonly used on toast, sandwiches, crackers as well as an ingredient in other recipes. Vegemite is best known for its black appearance and unique taste, which is . . . Read more

Where Does the Grapefruit Come From

The grapefruit is a member of the citrus family and it is related to other citrus crops such as oranges, lemons and limes. It is known for being quite sour, often with a hint of sweetness (this does depend on the variety of grapefruit). It has long been popular as . . . Read more

What do Aardwolves Eat

An aardwolf is a small mammal found in the southern and eastern parts of the African continent. Aardwolves are close in appearance to striped hyenas and they belong to the same family as the hyenas. They live in male-female pairs with a designated territory and spend their days resting in . . . Read more

Who Discovered Lanthanum

Lanthanum is a soft and malleable, silver-white metal that oxidises quickly in air. It is a chemical element and is represented by the atomic number 57 and the chemical symbol La. Due to the fact that it oxidizes, it is never found in its free form in nature. However, it . . . Read more

Paul Walker Movie List

Paul Walker was a celebrity actor best known for his role in the blockbuster film “The Fast and the Furious” and the subsequent films in the franchise. His career began at a young age when he appeared in a number of television commercials. His screen debut came in in the . . . Read more

Why are Ocelots an Endangered Species

Ocelots are relatively small wild cats with a similar appearance to a house cat. They have similar patterns to a jaguar or leopard, and this species is sometimes known as a dwarf leopard. This species is found throughout much of the northern portions of South American and throughout Central America. . . . Read more

Uses of Cerium

Cerium is a rare earth element that was named after the dwarf planet Ceres. It is a silvery metal that is soft, ductile and malleable. It is a chemical element and is represented by the atomic number 58 with the symbol Ce. It is not found in its free form . . . Read more

How Many National Parks Are There in Canada

Canada is a large country located in the northern region of the North American continent. It is well known for areas of spectacular natural beauty and many of these regions have been protected as National Parks. These parks are administered by Parks Canada and the goal of this organization is . . . Read more