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Problems With Nuclear Power

Some time ago I wrote about the advantages of nuclear power. Today, I am going to give a list of all the problems associated with the use of nuclear power.

Problems With Nuclear Power

  • Nuclear power plants require uranium, which must be mined. Mining can be very harmful to the environment, killing local plants and animals.
  • It costs a lot of money to build nuclear plants, maintain them and deal with the waste.
  • It is not very effective at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We would need to build thousands to make any significant difference to global warming. The mining and transport of uranium contributes to climate change anyway.
  • The threat of terrorism is a major concern with nuclear power. Terrorists could attack a nuclear plant directly, or they could target trucks that carry radioactive waste. If the waste was released in a major city, many people would be at risk of exposure to radiation. This could lead to an increase in cancer and other deadly diseases.
  • There is always a threat of nuclear meltdown. This is very unlikely, but it is still possible if all the safety features fail.
  • Where do you dump the nuclear waste? Many countries are now trying to work out an answer for this very question. Some people claim that dumping the waste underground is not safe. Others argue that future generations will be able to work out how to safely deal with the waste.

Thanks to Greenpeace UK for some of these ideas.

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