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Rosanna Arquette Movie List

Rosanna Arquette is a celebrity actress who began her professional career at a young age. Her big break came with just her second project with a role alongside Bette Davis in the television movie “The Dark Secret of Harvest Home.” Her career quickly took off and she has worked on both television and film since the late 1970’s. She is known for being able to take on a wide variety of roles with success. The highlights of her career are winning a British Academy Award and receiving a Golden Globe nomination. The following is a list of movies that Rosanna Arquette has acted in during her career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Hardflip 2012 Bethany Jones
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding 2011 Darcy
Exodus Fall 2011 Marilyn Minor
The Divide 2011 Marilyn
Inhale 2010 Dr. Rubin
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love 2009 Rob’s Mom
Repo Chick 2009 Lola
Northern Lights 2009 Charlene Galligan
Growing Op 2008 Diana
Ball Don’t Lie 2008 Francine
Battle for Terra 2007 Professor Lina
I-See-You.Com 2006 Lydia Ann Layton
Kids in America 2005 Abby Pratt
Welcome to California 2005 Prostitute
Iowa 2005 Effie Harte
My Suicidal Sweetheart 2005 Vera
Dead Cool 2004 Deirdre
Rush of Fear 2003 Alex McGuire
Olive Thomas: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 2003 Narrator
The Law and Mr. Lee 2003 Linda Ellis
Being Light 2001
Diary of a Sex Addict 2001 Grace Horn
Good Advice 2001 Cathy Sherman
Big Bad Love 2001 Velma
Joe Dirt 2001 Charlene the Gator Farmer
Things Behind the Sun 2001 Pete
Too Much Flesh 2000 Amy
Poison 2000 Dana
The Whole Nine Yards 2000 Sophie Oseransky
Switched at Birth 1999 Linda Wells
Pigeonholed 1999 Devon’s Mother
Palmer’s Pick Up 1999 Dawn
The ’60s 1999 Hippie Mother
Sugar Town 1999 Eva
Interview with a Dead Man 1999
Fait Accompli 1998 Jezzebelle
I’m Losing You 1998 Rachel Krohn
Hell’s Kitchen 1998 Liz McNeary
Floating Away 1998 Maurey Talbot
Hope Floats 1998 Connie Phillips
Buffalo ’66 1998 Wendy Balsam
I Know What You Did 1998 Stacey Keane
Homeslice 1998
Deceiver 1997 Mrs. Kennesaw
Do Me a Favor 1997 Alex Langley
Gone Fishin’ 1997 Rita
White Lies 1997 Junkie Artist
Crash 1996 Gabrielle
Search and Destroy 1995 Lauren Mirkheim
Nowhere to Hide 1994 Sarah Blake
Pulp Fiction 1994 Jody
The Wrong Man 1993 Missy Mills
Nowhere to Run 1993 Clydie Anderson
In the Deep Woods 1992 Joanna Warren
Fathers & Sons 1992 Miss Athena
The Linguini Incident 1991 Lucy
Son of the Morning Star 1991 Libby Custer
Flight of the Intruder 1991 Callie Joy
Wendy Cracked a Walnut 1990 Wendy
Separation 1990 Sarah Weiss
Sweet Revenge 1990 Kate Williams
Black Rainbow 1989 Martha Travis
New York Stories 1989 Paulette
Promised a Miracle 1988 Alice Elizabeth ‘Lucky’ Parker
The Big Blue 1988 Johana Baker
Amazon Women on the Moon 1987 Karen
Nobody’s Fool 1986 Cassie
8 Million Ways to Die 1986 Sarah
After Hours 1985 Marcy Franklin
Silverado 1985 Hannah
Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 Roberta Glass / ‘Susan’
The Aviator 1985 Tillie Hansen
Survival Guide 1985
The Parade 1984 Tilda Kirby
One Cooks, the Other Doesn’t 1983 Tracy Boone
Off the Wall 1983 Pam Smith
Baby It’s You 1983 Jill Rosen
Johnny Belinda 1982 Belinda McAdam
The Executioner’s Song 1982 Nicole Baker
The Wall 1982 Halinka Apt
A Long Way Home 1981 Rose Cavanaugh
S.O.B. 1981 Babs
Gorp 1980 Judy
More American Graffiti 1979 Girl in Commune
The Ordeal of Patty Hearst 1979 Becky
Zuma Beach 1978 Beverly
Having Babies II 1977 Connie

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