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Sandra Bullock Movie List

Here is a list of all the films Sandra Bullock has acted in, produced, directed and written for.

Sandra Bullock Movie List


  • Gravity (2013)- Dr. Ryan Stone
  • The Heat (2013)- Ashburn
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)- Linda Schell
  • The Blind Side (2009)- Leigh Anne Tuohy
  • The Proposal (2009)- Margaret Tate
  • Premonition (2007)- Linda Hanson
  • Infamous (2006)- Nelle Harper Lee
  • The Lake House (2006)- Kate Forster
  • Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)- Gracie Hart
  • Loverboy (2005)- Mrs Harker
  • Crash (2004- called L.A Crash in Germany)- Jean Cabot
  • Two Weeks Notice (2002)- Lucy Kelson
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)- Siddalee ‘Sidda’ Walker
  • Murder By Numbers (2002)- Cassie Mayweather, Jessica Marie Hudson
  • Miss Congeniality (2000)- Gracie Hart
  • 28 Days (2000)- Gwen Cummings
  • Gun Shy (2000)- Judy Tipp
  • Forces of Nature (1999)- Sarah Lewis
  • The Prince of Egypt (1998)- Miriam (voice)
  • Practical Magic (1998)- Sally Owens
  • Making Sandwiches (1998)- Melba Club
  • Hope Floats (1998)- Birdee Pruitt
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)- Annie
  • In Love and War (1996)- Agnes ‘Aggie’ von Kurowsky
  • A Time to Kill (1996)- Ellen Roark
  • Two if by Sea (1996- also called Stolen Hearts)- Roz
  • The Net (1995)- Angela Bennett, Ruth Marx
  • While You Were Sleeping (1995)- Lucy Elanor Moderatz
  • Do Do I Gotta Kill? (1994- also called Me and the Mob)- Lori
  • Speed (1994)- Annie
  • Wrestling Ernest Hemmingway (1993)- Elaine
  • Fire on the Amazon (1993- also called Lost Paradise)- Alyssa Rothman
  • Demolition Man (1993)- Lt. Lenina¬† Huxley
  • The Thing Called Love (1993)- Linda Lue Lindon
  • The Vanishing (1993)- Diane Shaver
  • Love Potion No. 9 (1992)- Diane Farrow
  • When the Party’s Over (1992)- Amanda
  • Who Shot Patakango? (1989- also called Breakin’ the Rules, Brooklyn Love Story and Who Shot Pat?)- Devlin Moran
  • Religion, Inc. (1989- also called A Fool and His Money)- Debby Cosgrove
  • Hangmen (1987)- Lisa Edwards


  • All About Steve (2009)
  • The Proposal (2009)- executive producer
  • Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)
  • Two Weeks Notice (2002)
  • Murder By Numbers (2002)- executive producer
  • Miss Congeniality (2000)
  • Gun Shy (2000)
  • Trespasses (1999)
  • Hope Floats (1998)- executive producer
  • Our Father (1996)

Director and Writer

  • Making Sandwiches (1998)

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Source: Internet Movie Database

Is Sandra Bullock one of your favorite actresses? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite Sandra Bullock movie.

(33) Comments

  1. she is my alltime favourite actress..i first saw her in a time to kill and i was star-struck,shes beautiful,talented and truly gifted. my favourite movie of hers is practical magic, hope floats, while you were sleeping and miss congeniality. love this gal!!

  2. i absolutely admire Sandra Bullock!!!! and i started a collection of her movies and so far i have 9! the first time i saw her was in Speed and that was many years ago and barely today i found out that there was a Speed 2. I love Premonition, murder by numbers, and of course miss congeniality :D

  3. Oh my goodness, sandra bullock is definitely my number one favorite actress. I love her so much and I would die if I were to ever meet her and have a conversation. lol anyway…my first favorite movie is the lake house. I sometimes wish that she and keanu were together. lol

  4. Oh wow!
    Sandra Bullock is definitely my favorite actress, The Blind Side, Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, and The Proposal are some of my #1 movies. If i met her i would spaz out~lol. I did write her a letter, but she didn’t answer me back yet~lol.

  5. sandra bullock is the best actress ever! I first saw her in Premonition and was flabbergasted at how beautiful she is!! I love The proposal, the net, and the blind side has to be my favorite!! I saw it 4 times in the theaters already!! If i could meet her that would make all my dreams come true and I might die!!! lol love her!!!

  6. the movie of hope floats helped me in my sentimental situation thank you sandra bullock for being the best actress in hollywood.

  7. Sandra Bullock is my #1 favorite actress.. I first saw her in Premonition… but my favorites are The Proposal and Miss Congeniality :) She is the best of the best! I love her to death and I would do anything to meet her!

  8. i absolutely love sandra bullock. shes my ultimate favourite actress. i want to own all her movies if i could

  9. I absolutely LOVE Sandra Bullock! She is my favorite actress of ALL TIME!! I’m on my way to watching ALL of her movies. My favorite movies so far are Speed and The Blind Side. It would be SO amazing if I could meet her! LUV U SANDRA BULLOCK!

  10. Omg I love Sandra bullock :P I have most of her movies and I think she’s amazing…..she is so funny and I love her in speed andd the proposal!!!! Lol and she is so funny in the George lopez shows……. I am only 12 and my dream is too meet SANDRA BULLOCK!!!!!!!!

  11. i have to say i first saw sandra bullock in while you were sleeping and right there i was blown away she is my all time favorite actress she so deserved that best actress award i am 12 years old and she is awesome one day i hope i can meet her and possibly get her picture or autograph i want to see all of her movies and so far im doing pretty good but i still have a lot to go:) I LOVE YOU SANDRA BULLOCK!!!!!!!!!:)

  12. Sandra is an awesome actress. Don’t forget 2 weeks notice with Hugh!
    They were great together!. Her husband, can’t think of his name right now, Sorry!, is awesome too! Great couple!

  13. I absolutely love Sandra Bullock! She’s beautiful, smart, talented and all around amazing! I love every one of her movies that I have seen so far. Im in the process of buying all of her movies. I love Speed, Speed 2, Hope Floats, Miss Congeniality 1 and 2, Crash, The Lake House, The Blind Side and my all time favorite The Proposal. I have always like Sandra. She is my favorite female actress. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet her.

  14. OMG I cry(with joy) every time sandra wins a award and I’ve watched all her movies even though I’m 12 LOL…yer and i know every thing about her and half my photos are of her I’ve got all her movies omg al my usernames are her name and I just dream of meeting her if I meet her I would die!!!hat is my life long dream wen I’m older I’m going to Hollywood or one of her houses(with my dog (best friend))and meeting her!!!!!:):)

  15. Omg!! I love sandra bullock so so much! I think she is super talented and beautiful. I love her in almost her movies especially the proposal n the blind side. Hoping to meet my no 1 favorite actress! Love u sandra!!

  16. I loved her in The Blind Side… and of course The Proposal!!!!!!! Iam 14 and I am obsessed!!! I dream of meeting her some day… and I feel so bad for her with everything that is going on with Jesse James ( her douche bag husband.) I LOVE YOU SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i love sandra so much,she is my #1 actress, i frist saw her was in speed, i love the proposal so much, she was so beautiful with ryan , they were amazing i wish i meet both of them

  18. To Sandra Bullock
    you are my favourite actress in the whole world
    my favourite movies of yours are

    I am 10 years old and i am saving all of my pocket money so i can come to America to meet you,i want to meet you sooooooo bad.

  19. Sandra “Sandy” Bullock is an extraordinary woman/actress.I’ve seen so many movies with her,she is so captivating and masters any role she is given.I love Sandra, and my favourite movie are THE BLIND SIDE AND THE PROPOSAL.Sandra my advice to you is to continue making great films and what ever problems your are going through GOD will see you through.love you

  20. OMG!!!! I LUV SANDRA BULLOCK…. itsz funny how my stepmothers name is sandra and she does acting as a living….. not to be mean to my step mom.. but she cant never be as good as an actress as sandra bullock.. sry sandra…. sandra bullock is ahead….. i watched every one of her movies except three. i”ll see em soon hopefully.

  21. sandra Bullock is the best actress ever!<3 im dieing to meet her, but its so hard. so if anyone knows where she likes to go please let me know<3 shes my inspiration, role model, and everything else<3 shes funny, beautiful, down to earth and smart<3

  22. i love sandra bullock! i loved her in the movie love potion number 9, but i was looking at all these movies and shes done so many. i admire her work, and get so overwhelmed when i see titles to her movies because i want to go out and by all of them!!!

  23. I am in love with Sandra Bullock! She is the best! Theres nothing that girl can do. My Grandmother and i always watch THE PROPOSAL she was great in that. Shes also great in alot of other movies. Actually shes great at everything!!! I wish i could meet her in real live that i would really love. She is like a role model to me. I look up to her.Shes the GREATEST!!!

  24. i love sandra bullocks movies i cant pick just one they all amaze me. She is a great actor and i love how some of her movies make me laugh and some make my cry.

  25. Sandra Bullock is amazing, funny, talented i love all of her movies. I could watch them over and over again. Some of my fav movies that she did were Miss Congeniality, A time to kill, The proposal and The blind side. I <3 u sandra….

  26. Sandra Bullock is so amazing that i cant find words to describe how mush i love her movies she’s the most talented and gifted actress ever,The Blind Side,The proposal,Two Weeks Notice and so many other are my best movies :D

  27. Sandra bullock is the most amazing actress I have ever seen and from the interviews I have seen she seems to be an all around amazing person open minded , kind, great personality,
    Not to mention she is really HOT!!!!!!!
    my fav. movies include 28 days, the net, a time to kill, divine secrets of ya ya sisterhood, 2 week notice, premonition, lakehouse ,making sandwiches, and lets not forget love potion number 9

  28. Sandra is one of my favorite actresses too. I especially like ‘Two Weeks Notice’ with Hugh Grant.
    I think she was miscast in ‘The Proposal’ which needed someone like Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada) to play the bitchy executive. Sandra is a much too nice girl to pull this off and was not believable in that part.

  29. Sandra bullock is by far my favorite I think hope floats is just genius she acts so good in it. She can cry she can act upset and she can be happy all on cue if I met her I think I would die. And I really don’t understand why she got a razzy for all about Steve I think it is really funny.

  30. I thought Sandra was awesome in the proposal… my favorite seen is Sandra riding the bike into the woods and stumbling into Betty White. The “to the windows to the walls” scene is hularious… Good work!

  31. I really love Sandra bullock… The first movie of hers that I watched was “the lake house” and I was really amazed how good an actress she is. After that, I searched for her movies and as of now I have 9 of them. She is a versatile actress and I really love her. I love the way she delivers her dialogue, it’s like a natural conversation with anybody. I hope that someday I will meet her.

  32. Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress. I have loved all her films. Blind Side, Hope Floats and Premonition are particular favourites. I have laughed, cried and been on the edge of my seat watching her films. I am just going through a list of the films that Sandra has acted in to see if there are any that I have missed buying. I think that I have got them all………………when is the next one please?

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