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Steven Seagal Movie List

Steven Seagal is a celebrity actor who is famous for his martial arts/action hero roles. Interestingly, unlike most other martial arts stars he uses the Aikido fighting style. He burst onto the scene in the late 1980′s and had a string of box office hits in the 90′s. His popularity has waned in recent years, but he still has a loyal group of fans that appreciate his unique acting style. The following is a list of movies that Steven Seagal has acted in during his career so far.

Movie Title/Year/Character

Maximum Conviction 2012 Tom Steele
Born to Raise Hell 2010 Samuel Axel
Machete 2010 Torrez
A Dangerous Man 2009 Shane Daniels
The Keeper 2009 Roland
Driven to Kill 2009 Ruslan
Against the Dark 2009 Tao
Kill Switch 2008 Jacob
The Onion Movie 2008 Cock Puncher
The Marker 2008 Matt Conlin
Urban Justice 2007 Simon Ballister
Flight of Fury 2007 John Sands
Attack Force 2006 Cmdr. Marshall Lawson
Shadow Man 2006 Jack Foster
Mercenary 2006 John Seeger
The Foreigner: Black Dawn 2005 Jonathan Cold
Today You Die 2005 Harlan Banks
Submerged 2005 Chris Cody
Into the Sun 2005 Travis Hunter
Out of Reach 2004 William Lansing
Clementine 2004 Jack Miller
Belly of the Beast 2003 Jake Hopper
Out for a Kill 2003 Prof. Robert Burns
The Foreigner 2003 Jonathan Cold
Half Past Dead 2002 Sasha Petrosevitch
Ticker 2001 Frank Glass
Exit Wounds 2001 Orin Boyd
The Patriot 1998 Dr. Wesley McClaren
Fire Down Below 1997 Jack Taggart
The Glimmer Man 1996 Lt. Jack Cole
Executive Decision 1996 Lt. Colonel Austin Travis
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 Casey Ryback
On Deadly Ground 1994 Forrest Taft
Under Siege 1992 Casey Ryback
Out for Justice 1991 Det. Gino Felino
Marked for Death 1990 John Hatcher
Hard to Kill 1990 Mason Storm
Nico: Above the Law 1988 Nico Toscani

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