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Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

One thing I love putting together is lists. After making my top ten movie list and looking at the top 10 worst movies ever made, I have decided to list my favorite TV shows of all time. Note that this list is entirely subjective and is based on my personal opinion. Please feel free to comment and tell me your favorite television shows of all time.

My Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

10. Burn Notice. One day I was sitting with a friend who said ‘ever watched Burn Notice’. I told him I’d never even heard of it. We started watching a third season episode and I was totally addicted. The stories are great, the show is action-packed and there is plenty of humor as well.

9. Glee. This one will probably divide many of you! Glee is one of those shows you either love or hate I think. I find it constantly funny, even with some ridiculous stories at the start of season one. The music is great and many of the cover versions are better than the originals. Hopefully, the quality will stay high so I can keep Glee on the list!

8. Futurama. One of two animated shows to make the list. Futurama is a totally ridiculous show. The best way to describe it is ‘random’. However, the writers constantly deliver with funny plots and great one-liners to use on your friends. Bender is a favorite character of mine from any show! Thank goodness it was brought back to give us even more great comedy.

7. Alias. Obviously, I love action shows. Alias had a great mystery element as well as Jennifer Garner kicking some butt. The show was very well scripted and it is fun to watch.

6. Everybody Loves Raymond. A show I still love watching even as it gets older and older. I really believe the success of the series is down to the writers using their own family experience as the basis of episodes. This is really an honest look at a family and how to deal with them and the ‘in-laws’. Brilliant comedy in almost every episode. One of the few sitcoms I love.

5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I love Star Trek so one of the series had to be in the top ten! Deep Space Nine gets the nod for being the best of the bunch. Set on a space station, the first couple of seasons were just okay. However, the great Dominion and Klingon War arcs that came set the series apart from the rest of Star Trek. There are also a bunch of controversial episodes as the writers showed a more realistic (than than idealistic) view of the future.

4. 24. Dammit! 24 is gone but it is certainly not forgotten (at least by me). One of the best action series ever seen on TV, 24 broke the boundaries with controversial storylines on terrorism and doing whatever it takes to stop an imminent attack. The story format (24 hour period) was more than a gimmick. However, the timeline was constricting by the end of the series as little could be done to revamp the series. Bring on a 24 movie I say!

3. Frasier. The second sitcom in the list. Frasier was absolutely brilliant for much of its eleven season run. With great acting from the entire main cast and terrific writing, Frasier was constantly funny. Watching Frasier and Niles interact with the common man (their Dad and Roz being the prime examples) never got tiring. Frasier is just brilliance!

2. The Simpsons. Sure, they aren’t as good as they used to be. Every season gets worse. I know, I agree with you. But you cannot deny that The Simpsons has been a brilliant show for years and their are some old and new episodes that have you laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time. Poking fun at themselves and the American way has got The Simpsons in trouble at times but that is what makes it daring and great!

1. LOST. LOST is another show that people either love or hate. Most people tell me they started watching when a polar bear appeared on screen (that was the Pilot episode by the way). However, the show explained nearly every mystery by the end. Besides, the show was always about the journey of a bunch of plane crash survivors and the ending of the show was absolutely perfect, reconnecting the main characters in a very emotional and meaningful way. LOST was consistently great: brilliant writing, terrific acting, moving music, great directing and lots of mystery and intrigue. Combining several genres (science-fiction, action, mystery and more) the show had more twists and turns than a roller coaster. However, it was worth watching for all six seasons as the story wrapped up in a perfect ending.

Leave a comment below to let me know your TV favorites.

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  1. You forgot X-Files. Its ok though. An honest mistake. Also, you might consider watching some Roseanne.It has a more realistic take on the average white middle class American family than Everybody Loves Raymond does. Nice list though.

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