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Top 10 Worst Movies Ever Made

Some movies are good and some movies are simply terrible. Here is my list of the top 10 worst movies of all time!

Top 10 Worst Movies Ever Made

10. Batman and Robin. At number ten is the second worst superhero movie of all time (the worst is further down the list!). The script was awful and the plot was even worse. Clooney even admitted he may have ‘killed the franchise’ with his shocking performance as a (possibly gay) Batman. Amazingly, it didn’t ‘win’ the Razzie Award for Worst Picture. It was beaten by the film I have listed as the worst film ever made!

9. P.S. I Love You. I know many women may disagree but this movie was flat out lame! The director (Richard LaGravenese) didn’t seem to know whether it was a serious or funny film. Unfortunately, he didn’t do either well. The ‘serious’ side was sappy and over-sentimental. The ‘jokes’ all fell flat (I didn’t laugh once). A movie that could have been better and really showed how to deal with the death of a loved one.

8. Striptease. Shameless! That’s all you need to say about this stinker! Starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds, this film had only two things going for it- nudity and sex. Amazingly, the film was once shown to a fourth-grade class. The teacher claimed that the students had picked the film (yeah, right). Just avoid this horrible excuse of a movie.
Note: Thanks for all the comments correcting this title!

7. All About Steve. Sandra Bullock was in 2 good movies in 2009, The Blind Side and The Proposal. But why did she pick this awful film to both star in and produce? This ‘romantic comedy’ is neither romantic or funny. Even the title, a pun of the 1950 film ‘All About Eve’, was a stupid joke. Just re-watch The Proposal and avoid this unfunny film. It’s incredible that this film somehow became a minor financial success.

6. Disaster Movie. What a disaster (and what a terrible, obvious joke I just made). The movie is near the top of nearly every ‘worst movie list’ produced since 2008. It really isn’t hard to make people laugh. Just provide a good script with some great jokes. Did anyone laugh once during this film? I still can’t believe it was beaten by ‘The Love Guru’ for Worst Picture.

5. The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Wow! Eddie Murphy’s career has gone downhill in the last 10 years. The film was an absolute box office bomb. It cost $100 million to make and was only able to earn $7 million in box office receipts. Unfortunately, it made some of the money back on DVD sales and rentals. Please Eddie, you are actually a funny guy. Pick a good movie for a change.

4. The Hottie and the Nottie. Paris Hilton deserved her Worst Actress award for this absolute stinker. I’m glad the public wasn’t fooled by the film as it earned just under $28,000 in its opening weekend (just $249 per theater- an average of 5 people per showing). This was director Tom Putnam’s feature-film debut. Why choose this film? Poor guy- I feel sorry for him.

3. Catwoman. Worst superhero movie ever. Sure, Halle Berry as Catwoman sounded good. If only the execution was better! Even Roger Ebert has put this film on his most hated list. Catwoman having super powers? Why alienate the fans by changing the character so much? Can someone tell me what they spent the $100 million budget on? Halle Berry ‘thanked’ Warner Bros. for putting her in the ‘piece of [swear word]‘.

2. Manos: The Hands of Fate. A low budget film that is simply awful. The opening of the film features a family driving through the countryside for nine minutes with basically no dialogue. Apparently, the opening credits were supposed to be playing at the time. Someone forgot to add them (whoops!) Then there’s the teenagers who can be seen making out (throughout the film) on the side of the highway- totally unconnected to the plot. Director Hal P. Warren, a fertilizer salesman (that’s ironic- a fertilizer salesman making a pile of rubbish), never made another film again. Everyone is most thankful.

1. The Postman. What were they thinking? This post-apocalyptic movie is just mind blowingly stupid. The plot made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The acting was atrocious. The script wasn’t much better. Seriously, did anyone watch this film for the entire 178 minutes? The best thing about the film- The Simpsons take off on the episode ‘Monty Can’t Buy Me Love’. Lisa watches the film which features nothing but The Postman walking (seemed just like the real film to me!) The film earned just $18 million on a ridiculous $80 million budget.

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  1. Regarding movie #8: Just wanted to say that while Showgirls definitely belongs on the list, it had neither Demi Moore or Burt Reynolds. That stinker was Striptease.

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