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Uses of Chromium

Chromium is the first element in Group 6 of the periodic table. Here are some of the more common uses of chromium in the world today.

Uses of chromium

  • Magnetic tape (used in audio cassettes and high-class audio tapes) is made from a magnetic compound of chromium.
  • Chromium (III) oxide is a metal polish better known as green rouge.
  • In the science laboratory, chromic acid used to clean glassware if they have trace amounts of organic compounds.
  • Leather is tanned by using salts of chromium (III) ions.
  • Different compounds of chromium are used to make different colored pigments and dyes. School buses used to be painted in chrome yellow. These days, alternates are used due to environmental concerns. Chrome red and chrome green are still common colors.
  • Wood is preserved by using salts of chromium (VI).
  • Stainless steel, used in many applications, is made when chromium is added to iron. You might use stainless steel knives in the kitchen!
  • Alloys of iron, nickel and chromium are very strong and handle very high temperatures. They are used in jet engines and gas turbines.
  • Chromium is fairly hard and is resistant to corrosion. Therefore, many things are coated in chromium. A lot of metal things we use everyday (knives and forks come to mind) are coated with chromium.

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