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Uses of Copper

A few days ago I wrote about who discovered copper. Today, I am going to list some of the most common uses of copper in the world today.

Uses of Copper

  • Copper is used to pipe water supplies. The metal is also used in refrigerators and air conditioning systems.
  • Computer heat sinks are made out of copper as copper is able to absorb a high amount of heat.
  • Magnetrons, found in microwave ovens, contain copper.
  • Vacuum tubes and cathode ray tubes both use copper.
  • Some copper is added to fungicides and nutritional supplements.
  • As a good conductor of electricity, copper is used in Copper wire, electromagnets and electrical relays and switches.
  • Copper is a great water-proof roofing material. It has been used for this purpose since ancient times.
  • Some structures, such as the Statue of Liberty, are made with copper.
  • Copper is sometimes combined with nickel to make a corrosion resistant material that is used in shipbuilding.
  • Copper is used in lightning rods. These attract lightning and cause the electrical current to be dispersed rather than striking, and possibly destroying, a more important structure.
  • Copper(II) sulfate is used to kill mildew.
  • Copper is often used to color glass. It is also one component of ceramic glaze.
  • Many musical instruments, particularly brass instruments, are made out of copper.

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