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Uses of Diamonds

Diamond is the hardest natural material found on earth. Here are some of the common uses of diamonds in the current world.

Uses of Diamonds

  • One of the most common uses of diamonds is in jewelery. Many rings and necklaces have diamonds. Well cut diamonds are very expensive because they make excellent jewelery. Diamonds are very beautiful and sparkle in the light.
  • Synthetic diamonds (man-made) are mainly used for industrial applications. They are put in drill bits and saws to cut different materials.
  • Other gemstones can be cut and polished by diamonds.
  • Precision cutting can be achieved by using diamonds. This is called fine engraving. In case you haven’t noticed from the above points, diamonds are very hard which makes them ideal for cutting material.
  • Windows that cover the openings of lasers, x-rays and vacuum chambers have diamonds in them.
  • Diamonds are used as micro-bearings in many small mechanical devices. The main use is in watches.
  • Diamonds are capable of absorbing a lot of heat. That makes them ideal for use in microelectronics to conduct heat away from heat-sensitive parts of the electronics.
  • Microchips and computer processors are often coated in diamonds as they are semiconductors of electricity.

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