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Uses of EVA

EVA, known as ethylene vinyl acetate, is a thermoplastic made up of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is widely regarded because of its elasticity and durable material. It can also be made into a material that is similar to rubber. These features of EVA mean that this material has many important applications.

Uses of EVA

  • EVA is used in hot melt adhesives and glue sticks. It is also used in plastic wrap.
  • EVA is commonly used as a shock absorber in sports shoes. It is also commonly used to produce sandals, and other types of casual footwear, due to the fact that it is cheaper than natural rubber. It is also used in the cleats of certain types of athletic footwear.
  • EVA is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to as a slow release drug delivery device.
  • It is also used in some solar panels to hold the silicon cells in place.
  • It can also be used to make artificial flowers, fire safe cigarettes, mold-to-fit mouthguards and nicotine patches.
  • EVA foam is similar to rubber and is used as padding in a variety of products. This includes matting for sports and play mats for babies and small children. It is also widely used in the commercial fishing industry to create floats for fishing nets.
  • EVA is widely being used to replace the more hazardous PVC. This is especially true for products aimed at babies and small children.

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