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Uses of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is the element nitrogen in a liquid state that is kept at a very low temperature. The liquid nitrogen boils at -196°C (-321°F) and releases nitrogen gas. It is capable of causing very rapid freezing and this is one of the attributes that makes this substance so useful. Let’s take a look at some of the most common applications of liquid nitrogen.

Uses of liquid nitrogen

  • Liquid nitrogen has many uses in the medical industry. It is used to remove warts and other skin lesions. It is also used to preserve blood, sperm, eggs and other biological samples such as tissue samples.
  • It is also used in cryonic preservation when humans or pets are preserved in the hope that technological advances will lead to future reanimation.
  • It is also an important coolant used in many different applications such as; computers, CCD cameras, in a high-temperature superconductor, vacuum pump traps and infrared homing missiles.
  • Liquid nitrogen is also important in the laboratory. It is widely used in cryogenics, which is a branch of physics and engineering that studies low temperatures and how materials behave at these temperatures. It is also used to store cells and other biological samples at low temperatures.
  • It is also used to freeze the water in pipes so that a plumber can work on them. This is only used when there is no valve to shut off the water.
  • It is used in the preparation of some foods, such as ice cream. It is also used in the transportation of food products that require refrigeration or freezing.

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