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Uses Of Molasses

Molasses is a by-product of sugar production that is brown or black in color. In sugar production, the juice is removed from the sugar cane and then boiled. This is then spun to remove the sugar crystals from the mixture, and the remaining product is molasses. Although molasses is a popular ingredient in baking its unique properties means that it also has many other non-culinary uses.

Uses of Molasses

  • Molasses is commonly used with yeast and water in the fermentation process of making rum. It is also used in creating some other alcoholic drinks such as stout and dark ales.
  • Some tobacco companies add it to their product for smoking through a certain type of pipe popular in the Middle Eastern countries.
  • Some anglers use molasses as a groundbait (also called chum or berley). This is designed to attract fish to the area that an angler is fishing.
  • In some parts of the world it is used to produce ethanol (ethyl alcohol) for use as an alternative fuel source.
  • It can also be mixed with water and used to remove rust.
  • It is used in some horticultural settings to promote microbe activity in the soil.
  • Molasses contains trace amounts of important vitamins and minerals. A certain type of molasses called blackstrap molasses has been sold as a health supplement for many years. People have made many claims about its health benefits, including the ability to prevent gray hair!
  • Molasses is also added to some cattle feed to add essentials vitamins and minerals.

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