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Uses of Oxygen

Oxygen is an important chemical element that is a colorless, odorless and tasteless. Here are some of the common uses of oxygen.

Uses of Oxygen

  • Obviously, oxygen is important for human respiration. Therefore, oxygen therapy is used for people who have trouble breathing due to some medical condition (such as emphysema or pneumonia).
  • Oxygen gas is poisonous to bacteria that causes gangrene. Therefore, it is used to kill them.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is treated using oxygen gas.
  • Near pure oxygen is used in space suits so that astronauts can breath. Scuba tanks also contain oxygen, although it usually mixed with regular air.
  • Oxygen tanks are also found in submarines and airplanes (for emergencies).
  • Oxygen is used as a step in the production of antifreeze and polyester polymers. The polymers are then used to make plastic and fabrics.
  • Rockets use liquid oxygen to burn fuel and generate lift.
  • Most commercially produced oxygen is used to convert iron ore into steel.
  • Scientists use the ratio of two isotopes of oxygen (oxygen-18 and oxygen-16) in skeletons to work out what the climate was like thousands of years ago.
  • Pure oxygen is used to ensure the complete combustion of different chemicals.
  • Oxygen is used to treat water and cut and weld metals.

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