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Uses of PVC

PVC, correctly called polyvinyl chloride, is a manmade plastic made from a blend of synthetic resins and polymers. PVC can be made rigid or soft, with the use of plasticizers. Many other additives can also be used to improve the characteristics of this plastic. PVC is a very versatile material and is popular for many uses because it is much cheaper than alternative materials. It is the third most commonly produced plastic on the planet and has a number of important applications.

Uses of PVC
About half of the PVC produced in the world is used for producing pipes used in residential and commercial applications. These pipes include many of the plumbing and sewerage pipes that you will find in your home and office. PVC is usually preferred for this purpose because these pipes are cheaper and lighter than metal pipes and are also highly resistant to corrosion. The only downside of PVC pipes is the higher risk of cracking.

A certain type of rigid PVC is used in the building industry as a low cost building material. It can be used for creating faux wood cladding, window sills and frames, as well as for gutters and spouting. It is also used to retrofit double glazing in buildings. PVC is also sometimes used for making low cost ceiling tiles.

Polyvinyl chloride can be formed into sheets with any color or thickness. These are used for a variety of purposes, but the most common is to create commercial signs. An example of this kind of sign is the common for sale signs seen in front of houses. PVC can also be used to create thin sheets that have adhesive on the back. These are also commonly used to create signage and for applying sings and decorations on a vehicle. Vinyl wall stickers are also made with this process.

PVC can also be used to create clothing with a similar appearance to leather or latex clothing. It is valued in this industry because it is cheaper than leather or latex. PVC fabric can also be used to make coats, shoes, jackets, bags and aprons and is used for these purposes because it is waterproof.

Other uses of PVC are; electrical insulation, foam, plastic toys, duct tape, tarpaulins, playgrounds and much more!

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