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Uses of Tungsten

Tungsten is a metal and is found naturally on the earth. It is also called wolfram and has the chemical symbol of W. It was identified as a new element in 1781, and first isolated as a metal in 1783. It is sought after due to having the highest melting point of all non-alloyed substances on earth. Here are some of the most common uses of Tungsten in the world today!

Uses of Tungsten

  • Approximately half of the tungsten mined is used to create tungsten carbine. This makes other materials harder.
  • Tungsten Carbine is used to make wear-resistant abrasives, cutters and knives. Items such as drill bits, circular saws, metal work tools and woodwork tools.
  • It is used in mining drills as it has a high melting point and is extremely hardy. Almost 60% of tungsten is used in this industry.
  • It is used to make rings in the jewelry industry. This is due to its scratch resistant qualities.
  • Tungsten is commonly used to make hard metal alloys such as high speed steel. Metals alloys with tungsten are often used to make turbine blades, rocket nozzles and metal coatings.
  • It is also used in the creation of armor piercing bullets, cannon shells, grenades and missiles to create supersonic shrapnel.
  • It has also been used to create Dense Inert Metal explosives.
  • Tungsten sulfite is used in high temperature lubricants.
  • Tungsten compounds are used to create ceramic glazes and in the tanning industry.
  • It is also used in fluorescent lighting
  • It is used in weights and counterbalances.
  • Because of its weight it is used in some aircraft and yachts as ballasts. It is also used in NASCAR and Formula One cars as ballasts.
  • High-density alloys of tungsten with nickel, copper or iron are used in high-quality darts
  • It is sometimes used in fishing lures to create quicker sinking flies.
  • Some types of strings for musical instruments are wound with tungsten wires.
  • Due to its ability to remain solid at high temperatures tungsten is also used in light globes, vacuum tube filaments, heating elements. It is also suitable for aerospace and high-temperature uses such as electrical, heating, and welding applications, notably in the gas tungsten arc welding processing.
  • Tungsten is often used in electrodes due to its high melting point and its efficiency as an electrical conductor.

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