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Vince Vaughn Movie List

Vince Vaughn is a celebrity actor best known for his roles in comedies. He decided to move to Hollywood after a successful appearance in a commercial in 1988, but he struggled to land any major roles. He made his big break into Hollywood when Steven Spielberg spotted him in the movie “Swingers” and decided to cast him in the sequel to “Jurassic Park.” This helped Vince on the way to being an outright star and landed him many more movie roles. The following is a list of movies that Vince Vaughn has acted in during his career.

Movie Title/Year/Character

The Watch 2012 Bob
Lay the Favorite 2012 Rosie
The Dilemma 2011 Ronny Valentine
Couples Retreat 2009 Dave
Four Holidays 2008 Brad
Fred Claus 2007 Fred Claus
Into the Wild 2007 Wayne Westerberg
The Break-Up 2006 Gary Grobowski
Wedding Crashers 2005 Jeremy Grey
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2005 Eddie
Be Cool 2005 Raji
Thumbsucker 2005 Mr. Geary
Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie 2004 Wes Mantooth
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004 Wes Mantooth
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story 2004 Peter La Fleur
Starsky & Hutch 2004 Reese Feldman
I Love Your Work 2003 Stiev
Blackball 2003 Rick
Old School 2003 Bernard ‘Beanie’ Campbell
Dust: An Extraordinary Correspondence 2002
Domestic Disturbance 2001 Rick Barnes
Zoolander 2001 Luke Zoolander
Made 2001 Ricky
The Prime Gig 2000 Pendelton ‘Penny’ Wise
The Cell 2000 Peter Novak
South of Heaven, West of Hell 2000 Taylor Henry
Psycho 1998 Norman Bates
Clay Pigeons 1998 Lester Long
Return to Paradise 1998 John ‘Sheriff’ Volgecherev
A Cool, Dry Place 1998 Russell Durrell
The Locusts 1997 Clay
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 1997 Nick Van Owen
Whiskey Down 1996 Barry
Swingers 1996 Trent
At Risk 1994 Max
Rudy 1993 Jamie O’Hara
For the Boys 1991 Cheering Soldier in Crowd

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