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Virtual Dog Games

Virtual dogs are a lot of fun to adopt and play with. This post will tell you the best websites that offer virtual dog games. On these sites you can adopt or create your own puppy!

Virtual Dog Games

  • Virtual Pups is probably the best virtual dog site on the web. You firstly breed (create) your puppy and then look after him or her. You can train your dog and enter it into competitions. You can even own a boarding kennel or rescue kennel. This is the one virtual dog site you want to sign up to!
  • Virtual Dog is another great little site where you can adopt a virtual dog. The website has been around for many years and has recently upgraded their graphics. It’s a great little site for anyone who wants to look after a virtual dog.
  • Virtual Bark is certainly one of the better virtual dog games. You can own an unlimited number of dogs and are responsible for feeding them, playing with them and training them. There is a very good community of players and you just might make a few new friends.
  • Furry Paws is a fairly new virtual dog game. However, they already have 190 different dog breeds to choose from and 15 different dog sports. Check this site out if you are serious about getting into virtual dog games.

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  1. i think you should create a game of virtual dog that you can take for walks and it barks and it sleeps and it can be trained and you can change places you want to go and there is a funny virtual airplane and if you book a holiday to somewhere you go on the airplane and i think you should do that today for 6 o’clock!

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