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What are Balloons Made of

Balloons are a popular decoration at almost any kind of party. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes. They can be filled with air, but helium is also widely used to make them float. They are best known for the loud noise they make when they pop and many children are frightened of this noise. In the past balloons were made of dried animal bladders, but have you have ever wondered what a party balloon is made from today? Keep reading to discover the answer.

What are balloons made of?
Most party balloons are made of natural latex which comes from the rubber tree. This is highly regarded because it is a sustainable and biodegradable material. Synthetic latex is also used in some circumstances because it is cost effective, but this is not biodegradable. The shiny balloons that are often decorated with writing are made from metalized plastic films. These are called foil balloons. Other materials that are sometimes used to make balloons are neoprene and nylon.

Did you know?
We all know that balloons make a loud sound when they pop, but it isn’t from the sudden release of pressure like most people believe. It is actually caused by the tightly stretched latex pieces snapping back at the speed of sound. The sound is actually a sonic boom, just like a fighter jet produces.

Releasing balloons that contain helium is a popular part of many different events, but because latex does take time to break down in the environment this is no longer recommended.

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