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What are Bed Sheets Made out of

Bed sheets are large rectangular pieces of cloth designed to be used on a bed. The bottom sheet, also known as fitted sheet, is used to cover the mattress and is usually fitted with elastic to secure it to the mattress so that it doesn’t slip off. The top sheet, also known as flat sheet, covers the person sleeping on the bed. Blankets and comforters are then added on top of this sheet to provide warmth in the bed. Sheets come in a variety of colors and designs and the quality of the sheets is usually determined by thread count. This measure is the number of threads per square inch and a higher number of threads generally corresponds with better quality sheets. If you have ever wondered what your sheets are made of, keep reading to find out.

What are sheets made of?
Sheets can be made out of many different materials and virtually every fabric has been made into sheets throughout history. However, the most common material used in the manufacture of bed sheets is cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton. Cotton is the perfect material for this purpose because it is a soft and breathable fabric. Other common materials used to make sheets are; linen, satin, bamboo fiber, rayon and silk. Fitted sheets also contain elastic seams that are sowed into the edges of these sheets.

Did you know?
You can find out what your bed sheets are made out of by looking at the tag attached to the sheets., which lists the materials used and instructions for caring for your sheets.

Some modern materials, such as polypropylene fabric, are extremely low cost and allow for the manufacture of disposable sheets that can be used in emergency shelters and hospitals.

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