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What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of

Chicken nuggets are a meat product that are most commonly baked or fried. They were invented in the 1950’s by food science professor Robert C. Baker. They are especially popular with children and are sold in many fast food restaurants. They are also available in frozen form from the grocery store, as a quick and easy food, for cooking at home. Much controversy has raged about what chicken nuggets are actually made from. Continue reading to find the answer.

What are chicken nuggets made out of
The meat used in chicken nuggets may comes from any poultry product, but in most cases chicken and turkey are used. This meat is obtained through mechanical separation, which recovers the meat and other edible tissue (tendons, muscles tissue, skin) left on the bones after initial processing. To do this the chicken carcasses are ground and then fed through a device similar to a sieve to extract the edible parts and to ensure no unwanted items, such as bones, make it into the chicken nuggets. This meat, called poultry paste, is then used for the chicken nuggets. Some manufacturers add artificial flavors and/or colors to this paste, which is intended to improve the color and flavor. The outside coating of chicken nuggets is made from a batter or breadcrumb mixture that is usually made of wheat flour, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, spices and other flavors.

The following is a video from inside a factory that makes chicken nuggets.

Did you know?
In the United States any product using mechanically separated chicken must be clearly labeled.

An internet rumor suggests that poultry paste is soaked in ammonia to remove the bacteria. However, ammonia cannot legally be added to foods.

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