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What are Skittles Made of

Skittles are a popular confectionery product, first made in Britain. They were introduced into the United States not long after and were an instant hit. Today they are a part of Mars Inc., and are produced and marketed by Wrigley. Apart from the popular original flavor still available today, Skittles are also available in other flavors such as Wild Berry and Tropical. If you have ever wondered what Skittles are made of, keep reading to find out.

What are Skittles made out of?
Despite the differences in flavor the main ingredients of Skittles do not change. Like many other candy products, about 98% of each Skittle consists of sugar, corn syrup and hydrogenated palm kernel oil. Other ingredients may include; apple juice concentrate, citric acid, dextrin, ascorbic acid (vitamin c) as well as natural and/or artificial coloring and flavoring agents. The coloring and flavoring agents used depends entirely on the type of Skittle.

A serving (1.5 oz, 42 grams or about 1/2 a cup) of original flavored Skittles contains 170 calories, 2 grams of fat, 31 grams of sugar and 10mg of sodium. For the exact ingredients in each flavor of Skittles you can visit the Mars healthy living website. http://www.marshealthyliving.com/whats-inside?brandId=11

Did you know?
Despite their popularity today, it wasn’t until 1982 that the production of Skittles began in the United States.

In 2011 the company produced a new flavor called Skittles Blenders. These type of Skittles have two flavors blended together.

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