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What are Ugg Boots Made of

Ugg boots, also known simply as uggs, are a type of sheepskin boot that originated from either Australia or New Zealand probably around the 1920′s. Traditionally the boots were used around the house as slippers to keep the feet warm. They gained popularity with Australian surfers who used them to keep their feet warm after arriving back on the beach. Surfers visiting Australia took the boots and the spread to the UK and the U.S by the 1970′s. In 2001 a massive advertising campaign featuring celebrities was launched to promote the product and the boots quickly became a popular fashion trend.

What are Ugg boots made of?
Ugg boots are made from the skin of a sheep (sheepskin) that still has the fleece attached to it. The sheepskin in tanned to create leather and the fleece is kept intact to provide the warmth that these boots are famous for. The leather in stitched together and a synthetic sole is added. These soles are usually made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and protect the leather sole from damage. In Australia, ugg boots are sometimes made from kangaroo leather and fur, but these are not considered to be true ugg boots by most people.

Did you know?
Ugg boots have come under criticism because they are made from animal skin. This has caused some celebrities, including Pamela Anderson, to renounce their previous endorsement of the product.

In 1999 a company called Deckers Outdoor Corporation trademarked the term UGG in the United States. However, the trademark was ruled to be invalid in Australia where the term ugg boots has been used for many years.

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