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What Causes Blood Blisters

A blood blister is an unsightly red blister that can form anywhere on the skin. Unlike a regular blister, a blood blister appears red because it is filled with blood, lymph and other fluids trapped beneath the skin. Blood blisters are usually painful, but will usually heal in a week or two with the proper treatment. If you have ever wondered what causes these irritating blisters, keep reading to find out.

What causes blood blisters?
Blood blisters are caused when the blood vessels under the surface of the skin are ruptured. The most common cause of this rupturing is some form of trauma, such as hitting your thumb with a hammer, to the area. They frequently occur in areas that regular blisters occur. The feet are most prone to blood blisters due to poorly sized footwear. The hands are also susceptible for this type of blister, usually due to pinching or friction injuries.

A blood blister does not usually need urgent medical attention and can be treated at home. It is important to elevate in injured area and apply a cold pack directly after the injury. The area should then be cleaned and bandaged to avoid any further injury or irritation. You should never pop a blood blister because it may lead to an infection and may slow down the healing time. If the blister breaks naturally you should wash the area, apply an antiseptic and then bandage the injured site. If the blood blister reoccurs, is severe and/or is accompanied by severe pain you should seek medical attention.

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