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What date did Hurricane Katrina Hit New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most destructive storms to ever hot the coast of the U.S. It caused million of dollars of damage to the city of New Orleans and other Louisiana coastal towns and even now efforts to restore the area are still underway. Thousands of people lost their homes and livelihoods when the hurricane hit the coast due to the massive storm surge that it created. Many people also lost their lives making it the third deadliest hurricane in U.S history.

What date did Hurricane Katrina Hit New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina hit the east coast of Florida on Thursday 25th August 2005. It then intensified as it moved through the Gulf of Mexico and changed course and was projected to hit New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana on Monday 29th August 2009 at 8:00am. The eye of the Hurricane passed to the east of the city of New Orleans subjecting the city to category 2 to 3 winds for hours. The huge storm surge caused failures in the canal levees leading to massive flooding and left up to 80% of the city flooded.

Damage caused by Hurricane Katrina
Whilst the most devastating damage was definitely caused in the city of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina impacted many on the coastal town of Mississippi and Louisiana. Many of the major roads in New Orleans where damaged as were most of the high rise buildings. Many homes and businesses were lost due to the wind spread flooding. The superdome where many who did not evacuate were sheltering also took heavy damage. Preliminary estimates by Mississippi officials calculated that 90% of the structures within half a mile of the coastline were completely destroyed. Boats, barges, bridges, houses and cars were all washed inland by the huge tidal surge which is estimated to have reached up to 6 miles inland and 12 miles in coastal areas and those with river systems.

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