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What Do Bears Eat

Bears are mammals that are found in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. This post will answer the question ‘what do bears eat’ and then look at some interesting facts about bears.

What Do Bears Eat?

Bears are opportunistic omnivores. This means that they will feed on any animal that they can easily kill and any plant material that is available. Most bears eat more plant material than meat. Two exceptions to this are the Polar Bear, which eats mainly fish, and the Giant Panda, which eats mainly bamboo (bamboo is actually a type of grass). Bears will feed on any animal they can, sometimes eating small insects. They usually attack small animals as they are easier to hunt and kill. So now you know what bears eat- they feed on any plants or animals that are available!

Facts About Bears

  • All bears have claws which are used to climb, dig, catch and tear prey.
  • Bears are hunted for their meat and fur. They have been hunted since prehistoric times!
  • They have rounded ears!
  • Bear paws are a delicacy in Cantonese cuisine.
  • In Korea, the expression ‘like a bear’ is used to describe someone that is stubborn.
  • Bears usually have stocky legs, shaggy hair, paws and a short tail.

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  1. hey thanx for this i really enjoyed it my little brother needed to research this for school thankyou so much for this information

  2. @ Vinna

    They sometimes catch prey (such as fish) in their mouths. They use their hands to get other food such as plant material.

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