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What Do Birds Eat

A bird is a feathery, warm blooded animal that lays eggs. It has forelimbs that are wings and it is, in most cases, able to fly. There are approximately 100,000 species of bird worldwide and they live in many different ecosystems across the globe. Birds range in size from the very small Hummingbird 2 inches (5 cm) to the Ostrich which is 9 ft (2.75m). All birds have feathers, a beak with no teeth, lay hard shelled eggs, and have a lightweight skeleton, fast metabolism and a four chambered heart. Birds are social creatures that communicate via whistles, call and songs. They often stay together in flocks and will mate for select months or years but rarely for life.

What Do Birds Eat In Their Natural Habitats?
Birds can be herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous and need a lot of food due to the high amounts of energy used when flying. Their digestive system is designed to handle foods that are eaten whole. Herbivorous birds such as parrots, honeyeaters, lorikeets, budgies and finches eat plants or parts of plants such as the seeds, flowers, fruit or nectar. Carnivorous birds are often called birds of prey and include birds such as falcons, eagles, hawks and kites. These birds often hunt and eat small animals such as mice and lizards and will also eat other birds. Other carnivorous birds include penguins, pelicans and other water birds whose diet consists mainly of small marine life like fish. Birds such as Emus and Starlings are omnivorous and will eat both animal and plant matter. Other birds will scavenge and eat carrion or dead animals. The vulture is the most famous and familiar of these birds. Other foods that birds eat include worms, nuts, small insects, tree sap, berries, and left over food scraps.

What Do Pet Birds Eat?
Most pet birds are fed what they eat in their natural habitat. Most birds that are kept as pets are either omnivorous or herbivorous. They will eat things such as bird seed mixes which contain sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruits etc. The packaging will specify the type of birds that the mix is good for. They will also eat worms, eggs, some meats, vegetables and fruits.

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