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What Do Chimpanzees Eat

Chimpanzees are one of two species of great ape that belong to the same family as orangutans and gorillas. They are found in parts of western and central Africa and the two species are separated by the Congo River. The common chimpanzee is closely related to the other species, known as the bonobo. However, the diet of the two species is actually quite different. If you want to know more about what the two species eat, keep reading to find out.

What do chimpanzees eat?
The common chimpanzee is an omnivore (eats plant and animal matter). They will eat fruit, leaves, nuts, and other parts of a plant. They also eat insects, birds, eggs, honey and small-medium mammals, which includes other primates. They are known for using tools to help them collect food, such as using a long stick to extract honey from a beehive. They are also known for hunting small monkeys in teams with different roles in the hunt. They distribute the meat from the hunt between all of the hunters.

The Bonobo is almost completely frugivorous (a fruit eater). However, they supplement this diet with leaves. They have also been known to eat small animals and, in rare cases, other primates. It has also been suggested that the bonobo may practice cannibalism in rare circumstances and there is one confirmed report of this in the wild.

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