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What Do Cockroaches Eat

Cockroaches (often called roaches for short) are considered pests to humans. But what do cockroaches eat? This post will answer that question and also tell you a few interesting facts about cockroaches.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches will eat almost anything. Everything a human eats a cockroach will eat as well. They will eat fruit, vegetables, bread, cereal, garbage, pet food, paper, books and glue made from animal protein. This is why cockroaches like living in people’s houses- there is food everywhere that they enjoy eating! One species of cockroach is different- it eats wood (like termites).

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

  • Some cockroaches can survive for up to 6 weeks without eating or drinking.
  • Vegas roach traps are now used to control cockroach infestations.
  • Female cockroaches use pheromones to attract male cockroaches.
  • Cockroaches do not have lungs. They breathe through a system of tubes (called a tracheae)
  • Cockroaches prefer to live in tropical and subtropical climates. They do not enjoy cold weather.
  • Cockroaches have a short lifespan. They only live for about one year.
  • Female cockroaches may produce up to 400 eggs during their lifetime.
  • The world’s longest cockroach is the Australian giant burrowing cockroach. It can weigh 30g (1.1oz).
  • Cockroaches have small heads.

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