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What Do Coral Trout Eat

Coral trout are many people’s favorite fish to catch as they are very good eating fish! Coral trout live in open seas and on coral reefs. But what do coral trout eat? This post will answer that question and then tell you some interesting facts about coral trout.

What Do Coral Trout Eat

Coral trout are piscivores (fish eating predators). Young coral trout generally feed on prawns and other crustaceans that live at the bottom of reefs. Adult coral trout eat almost any fish they can find. Some of their favorite fish to eat are Damselfish, Parrot fish, Hardyhead bait fish and Banana fish. Their diet changes in different regions and in different seasons- depending on what is available to eat. Coral trout only feed during the day- usually at dawn or dusk. They change the color of their skin while feeding so they can ambush their prey!

Interesting Facts About Coral Trout

  • Coral trout grow to about 14cm in the first 6 months of their life.
  • The total commercial catch of coral trout in 1998 was over 1500 tonnes (3.3 million pounds).
  • Coral trout start their lives as females and then become males later in life. They change sex when they are 23-62cm in length.
  • Coral trout usually feed once every 1-3 days. However, they can go for several days without eating!

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