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What do Crayfish eat

A crayfish is a spiny warm-water lobster without claws. They are natively found in waters surrounding Australia, South Africa, California and Florida. They resemble a lobster but are smaller in size. They live in fresh water and sea water. In counties such as Australia and New Zealand the fresh water variety are known by a different name. There are 3 families of crayfish, two in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere. The world’s largest crayfish is found in the streams and rivers of Tasmania, Australia.

What do crayfish eat naturally?
Crayfish are bottom dwellers so eat food that would commonly be found on the bottom of a river or ocean. They therefore eat things such as worms, slugs, bugs and vegetation. They scavenge along the bottom eating any creature that has died. Crayfish will not put a lot of effort into hunting but will eat small fish that inhabit the area they live in.

What do you feed a pet crayfish?
Just like in their natural habitats pet crayfish will not put a lot of effort into hunting their food. They like food that falls to the bottom and they can scavenge. You can feed a crayfish just about anything but they prefer foods such as plant matter like lettuce and spinach, shrimp pellets, algae wafers and small, slow moving fish. Crayfish will also eat each other so if you leave your pets without food they will resort to eating each other. You are able to feed pet crayfish regular fish food if you cannot source shrimp pellets or algae wafers.

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