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What Do Crickets Eat

Crickets are small insects that are best known for their loud chirping sound they make at night. They are related, and often mistaken, for grasshoppers. Like grasshoppers, they have jumping legs and a similar body shape. There are about 900 species of crickets and they can be found almost everywhere on Earth. Crickets are a popular food source for many other animals including; frogs, lizards and spiders. But, if you want to know what crickets eat for themselves, keep reading to find out.

What do crickets eat?
Most species of crickets are scavengers and are known to be omnivores. This means that their primary food source consists of both plants and animals. They eat many different organic materials including; decaying plant matter, fungi and some small plants. They will also eat dead crickets when they cannot find other sources of food. They are also known for preying on crickets that have been injured or are weaker than the others. House crickets will eat almost anything that is edible as well as other items like leather, rubber, fabric and plastic!

What to feed a pet cricket?
Crickets are not particularly picky, but a good diet for a pet cricket usually includes fruit, vegetables and grains. They can also be fed small amounts of bread. Your local pet store may stock specially formulated cricket feed, which is designed to suit their specific dietary requirements. Crickets also need a good supply of water and a damp cloth is a good way of providing this so the crickets do not drown.

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