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What Do Eagles Eat

Eagles are very large birds of prey. There are 60 different species of eagles in Eurasia and Africa, 2 species in the USA and Canada, nine in Central and South America and three in Australia. This post will tell you what eagles eat and then look at a few interesting facts about eagles.

What Do Eagles Eat?

Eagles are opportunistic predators which means they eat almost anything they can find. Some species even like eating fruit. Most eagles prey on small animals including rabbits, lizards, frogs, snakes, squirrels, other birds and even small dogs. Other species of eagle, like the bald eagle, prefer eating fish and turtles. As you can see, eagles will eat almost anything that they can catch!

Interesting Facts About Eagles

  • Eagles have very good eyesight which can help them find small animals to prey on. An eagle can see a rabbit on the ground that is up to 1km away!
  • Most species of eagles lay two eggs. However, the older (and therefore larger) chick usually kills the younger chick when it hatches.
  • Most eagles spend their time flying- looking for food the whole time.
  • Baby eagles take much longer than most birds to learn to fly. Some chicks take over 3 months before they learn to fly!

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(5) Comments

  1. I live in Australia and was wondering if Aussie eagles eat fish. Could you please send a picture of an eagle with a fish if you have one. Thanks
    Garry Davies

  2. I Have a eagle he lives out my back garden in africa 🙂
    He is Brokn and Blue & Red 🙂
    Oliva Hill 🙂 Yeaa Baby 🙂 xx

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