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What Do Frogs Eat

Frogs are animals that live partly in water and partly on land. They are part of the group of animals know as amphibians. Frogs can be found on every continent in the world apart from Antarctica. They are a cold-blooded animal and require the sun and water to help them regulate their body temperature.

What Do Frogs Eat?
What a frog eats depends largely on the size of the frog. All frogs are carnivorous, which means they consume other animals for food. The only stage in their lives where this is not true is when they are a tadpole and eat an herbivorous diet of plants. Small frogs like the gold frog (which is the smallest frog in the world) or tree frog will eat insects such as flies and crickets. They will also eat worms and snails and other small creatures. Larger frogs such as bull frogs or the larger species of tree frogs will eat small mammals and reptiles. These frogs have a diet that consists of lizards, mice, grasshoppers, cockroaches, other smaller frogs and even the occasional bat.

What Do Frogs In Captivity Eat?
Frogs that are kept as pets or in reptile exhibits eat much the same diet as frogs in the wild. As frog food is not difficult to obtain, handlers and pet owners are easily able to replicate the diet of a frog. One factor to consider when caring for frogs in captivity is that they prefer to eat only live food. So either you need to train the frog to eat dead prey or capture the animals alive for feeding.

Did you know?
Frogs do not need to drink as they have semi permeable skin that absorbs the water into their system while swimming. This is why frogs are very sensitive to pollution in their environment.

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