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What Do Geckos Eat

Geckos make up the largest family of lizards in the world. There are over 2000 known species of geckos and many more are thought to exist. They are unique amongst lizards because they make chirping sounds when interacting with other geckos. Another unique feature is the adhesion ability of their footpads. This allows them to stick to most surfaces without a sticky liquid. If you have ever wanted to know what these interesting creatures eat, continue reading to find out.

What do wild geckos eat?
Geckos have a similar diet to most other lizards, but there are some differences. Geckos are carnivores (meat eaters), and their main diet is made up of insects such as cockroaches, beetles, crickets. However, they also eat spiders, worms, eggs and tiny mammals (like baby mice). Some species of geckos have been known to feed on small birds or smaller geckos!

What do pet geckos eat?
The majority of pet geckos are fed crickets with the odd waxworm or mealworm as a treat. They are also commonly given cereal, vegetables or fruits to meet all of their nutritional requirements. Some species of geckos require a multivitamin supplement when in captivity. If you have a baby gecko it should be fed fruit, with a similar consistency as human baby food, and small crickets.

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