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What do Giraffes Eat

Giraffes, the tallest of all animals living on the land, are one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. Giraffes are a very popular attraction at zoos worldwide as thousands flock to see them everyday. But what do giraffes eat? This article will take you on an exciting journey as we ponder that very question and then look at seven astonishing facts about giraffes.

First, the question what do giraffes eat. Well, giraffes are herbivores, which means that they eat no meat. Giraffes love to eat twigs of plants and will also eat plant leaves. Their long neck and very long tongue is useful in picking the best twigs and leaves of very tall tress. Their tongue is also very tough to withstand thorns that may be on the plants they are eating. Giraffes can eat a staggering 60kg (140lb) of twigs and leaves in just one day! Giraffes also use their exceptionally long tongue to clean off any bugs and insects that are annoying them, but they don’t eat them. Now you know the answer to the question what do giraffes eat. Now let’s look at seven amazing facts about giraffes.

Fact 1: Giraffes sleep for only 2 hours (on average) per night, the least of any mammal.

Fact 2: The tallest giraffe ever measured was 5.87m (19.2ft) tall and weighed almost 2000kg (4400lb).

Fact 3: Female giraffes are generally shorter than male giraffes and weigh less.

Fact 4: Giraffes can survive for a long time in dry and arid areas as they store considerable amounts of water

Fact 5: Giraffes have horns, although female’s horns are shorter than male horns

Fact 6: Giraffes are extremely quiet and rarely make any noise.

Fact 7: Female giraffes are pregnant for 14 to 15 months before finally having one child. That’s a long pregnancy!

Now you know the answer to the question what do giraffes eat and seven wonderful giraffe facts!

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  1. hey everyone im gack and i love giraffes and this is wat they eat….
    *twigs off of the plants
    *plant leaves
    *tree leaves
    okay bye see yall all later bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. im doing a project on them , cuz there the best animal!
    thanks, these are very interesting facts that i didnt know!

  3. I have photo’s and a video taken a few days ago 27/01/2010 of a giraffe eating meat. The video was taken at a resort in South Africa which shows a giraffe chewing on the leg of an impala.
    Therefore the giraffe can be regarded as an omnivore and not only a herbivore.
    Does anyone have additional information on why a giraffe would eat meat? My thoughts is that they might have a shortage of minerals like iron or calcium and therefore need the meat to address the shortage of minerals.

  4. Very Interesting Hannes. I’ve never heard of a giraffe eating meat. However, many herbivores have been known to eat meat when there is no other food available or they are severely lacking in important minerals. That is probably why the giraffe was eating an impala.

  5. thanks much!!!! it helped me with my science project!!!! AGAIN!!! im doing giraffes, polar bears, vampire bats, and an anteater!!! i officially LOOOOOOOOVE this website…..

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