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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Guinea pigs, also known as cavy, is a domesticated rodent that originated from the Andes in South America. They were originally domesticated for their meat, but today they are a popular pet. They make great pets for children because they get used to being handled and they are not known for biting or scratching. Let’s take a look at the normal diet of these cute creatures.

What do guinea pigs eat?
The natural diet of the guinea pig is grass. Interestingly guinea pigs also create special soft pellets of feces (poop) that they eat to recycle B vitamins, fiber, and the bacteria they need for digestion.

What to feed a pet guinea pig?
Guinea pigs can be fed fresh grass or hay together with specialized pellets designed to meet their nutritional needs. Many people also feed their pets alfalfa, although some controversy exists about this practice. Like humans, guinea pigs must get all of their vitamin c from food sources otherwise they can get scurvy. To prevent this they can be fed fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin c such as; apple, broccoli, celery, carrot, cabbage and spinach. They also require many other nutrients, which can be obtained through specially formulated food or with a balanced diet.

Did you know?
The term “guinea pig” is often used to relate to a test subject. This came about because guinea pigs were once commonly used in scientific experimentation. They are still used for this purpose today, but make up only about 2% of all animal testing.

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