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What Do Kangaroos Eat

The kangaroo is large marsupial that is native to the country of Australia. There are four species of large kangaroo and a number of smaller species that are closely related to the kangaroo family. The four large species of the kangaroo family are the Red Kangaroo, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, The Western Grey Kangaroo and the Antilopine Kangaroo. These kangaroos can grow up to 2 meters tall and weigh as much as 90 kilograms. They are an important part of Australian culture and are featured on their national coat of arms.

The Diet of a Kangaroo
Different kangaroos eat different things, but all kangaroos are herbivores and eat only plant matter. The eastern grey kangaroo eats predominantly grass and will graze on a large variety of grass types. The Red Kangaroo also eats grass, but also eats a wide variety of shrubs as well. Some of the smaller species of kangaroo will eat fungi such as wild mushrooms and fungi that grow on trees. Many small species will eat the vegetables that are grown in people’s vegetable gardens and farmers crops. There are some smaller varieties of kangaroo, such as the musky-rat kangaroo, that will eat insects such as grasshoppers and beetles.

What do Kangaroos eat when kept in captivity?
Kangaroos that are kept in zoos or wildlife preserves will continue to graze on grass and small shrubs. In these situations they will also eat bread, carrots and pieces of fruit. Most of the parks where you find kangaroos will sell kangaroo feed for you to feed them. Kangaroos will also eat grain such as corn and wheat if it is available.

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