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What do Leopards Eat

Leopards, colloquially known as black panthers, are the smallest of the four so called big cats. Leopards are either all black or mostly dark in color and are located in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe. But what do leopards eat. This article will answer the question what do leopards eat and look at six fascinating and educational facts about leopards.

First, let’s look at the question what do leopards eat. Leopards are carnivores and hunt a variety of different animals. The main diet of leopards are ungulates and monkeys, although they have been known to eat over 100 species of different animals. Some of the more common foods eaten by leopards include rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. Leopards have also been known to eat small insects such as dung beetles and large animals such as 800kg giant elands. Pythons are also occasionally eaten by leopards. Leopards may also hunt a single dog, although packs of dogs can chase away (and occasionally kill) a leopard. Leopards stalk their prey by coming up on them silently and jumping on their prey, strangling prey with a quick bite. Generally, leopards hunt at night time, although they have been known to hunt on overcast days. So now you know what leopards eat and a little about their hunting practices. Now let’s look at those six interesting facts about leopards.

Fact 1: Leopards have occasionally been known to hunt humans (one leopard is claimed to have killed over 400 people). When healthy, leopards generally avoid humans. When injured or under duress, however, leopards have been known to hunt down humans.

Fact 2: Leopard populations are decreasing, although it is still not a conservation concern

Fact 3: Male leopards weigh from 40 to 90kg (88 to 198lb) and female leopards weigh between 30 and 60kg (65 to 132lb).

Fact 4: Swimming comes easily for leopards, however they spend limited time in the water.

Fact 5: Leopards are solitary creatures and are rarely seen together with other leopards.

Fact 6: In ancient times, leopards were believed to be a hybrid between a lion and a panther.

So now you know the answer to the question what do leopards eat and know six exciting and educational facts about leopards.

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  1. when leopards are babies they look so adorable, i love them so much i wish i had one but i dont think my mom would allow me to have a leopard in her house!

  2. I agree with porsha. Leopards are cute as babies but meercats are really cute whether they are adults or babies I watched a video about them today in science class!

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